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Best Story Ever

The Game

She felt like she was dying. It was the second time this week. She has never experienced such emotions with anyone ever. It was like being burnt with the end of a cigarette, but then only to drown false gentleness. Tonight was one of those nights. She was running this time, after being caught once again this night. If she was caught once more the game was over, and that was something she loved but hated the most. These games would cause great anxiety for the poor girl, being hunted down like prey in the dead of night only to be released and to be captured once more. The girl was panting after the sprint she just did, trying to be as quiet as she can but knowing the one coming after her, that would be nearly impossible. Considering that her hunter choose such an easy time of day to hunt, said hunter hides in the shadows. The game would be over soon enough.

A simple game others would think, something similar to tag? Innocent. No, it was anything but that, this game would be a death sentence had the girl been another person. The usual game's rules were as followed:

•Get as much light as possible. Get anything holy if you can
•Say your prayers before the game starts
•Do not cry when it's your time to die, no mercy is held in this game. Do not beg either.
•Once you have been caught more than twice, you're done.
•You can never win.

The girl however was an exception to those rules. As much as she actually hates it, she will never be killed, as of yet. They have played this game of cat and mouse for so long, they ignore the rules placed on others. Once she is captured though.. she isn't sure it's different every night, sometimes she just scares her for a bit, other times she gets dragged into one of the various rooms for around a week depending on her mood. It doesn't matter though, she is left feeling such conflicting emotions each and every time. She isn't sure whether to cry or be happy when it ends, her psyche deteriorates every time when they play these games, but it rebuilds itself everytime aswell. She had to run again, the laughter was deafening. Running at a full sprint she pushed her way out of rocks and tree branches, she didn't know how much she could keep this up. She got farther than last week though, she managed to get past the second capture. Though she didn't bother bringing her hopes up, already feeling that her hunter was coming around, probably just playing around until the girl was off guard.

"Look at you! Running away from me! Do you think you can win?" She could have sworn he voice was right behind her. "No.. Because you just love these games" She mumbled under her breath, why would she think of such a thought like winning around her? "Lovely! See? I keep you around because you know that I can easily stomp on your throat!!" A wicked laughter belted in her ears, she felt a something grab her arm, spinning her around until she was face to face with ruby red eyes. "Look at your face! Do you see how scared you are? I wish you could, it's perfect!!" Hands went straight to her neck, her thumb gently caressing her cheek. She couldn't breath, it was stupid to trust those gentle hands. "How far from me do you think you went? HOW FAR?!" The claw from her thumb was piercing skin roughly, causing her to wince.

"Farther than last time.. But you probably wanted that, right?" From the amount of games they played, she was understanding how the demon played games. Never wanting to be bored. "How smart you are! You know that you can never leave me remember?" The grip on her neck tightened. "TELL ME!!?" "I.." She was still surprised no matter how many times it got like this, the demon was always surprising. "I can't hear you~ I don't want to mark you up early do I?" She was doing so already, the girl choked out, gasping for air. "I can't HEAR you!"

"N-Never..!" The demon smiled and let go of her neck, watching her gulp in every single intake of air. "Remember, you're my property. No matter how far you run, how far you will go, I will fucking find you and once I do?" The girl looked away, she knew what she was going to say, she knew, it's something you could never forget. "Fucking LOOK AT ME!" She snapped her head in the direction of the demon.

"Once I do find out that you ran away?" A disturbing grin spread across her face. "LILI!" She stared directly into those demonic red eyes.

"I'll kill you!! AND maybe get your soul and make that MINE TOO!" Lili just wanted to cry, she didn't though, this happened yesterday.

She just looked up at the demon who was about to drag her away and responded with a well known phrase. "I know" She tried to smile, because that's all she could do. The demon grinned even wider, they were gone.

Game over.

Story by :iconxxtoon-starxx:

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